While you want to hide your spare house keys well enough so the random criminal that passes by is not going to spot them, you do not have to make it overly difficult for yourself. Here are some great ideas to help you with this so you will never have to worry about you or anyone else in the family getting locked out again.

Inside Of A Dog House

Do you have a dog house in your yard for the days when you let your pet outside for a few hours to play? You can make use of your pet's extra shelter by hiding your spare house key in there. Simply secure it to the inside of the doghouse and along the top of the wall or roof, as this will help ensure that it is not noticed or disturbed by your dog. Take the spare house key and secure it in place with a few pieces of industrial packing tape. Strong duct tape can do the job as well. Just make sure that the entire key is covered, as this will help protect it from the harsh weather so you will never have to worry about it becoming rusted.

In The Dirt Next To The Flowers

There are probably not a lot of criminals that are going to take the time or the risk to randomly start digging through your flower bed in hopes that you have shoved a spare house key in there. This makes it a very ideal hiding spot. Of course, there are some steps that you need to take in order to ensure that the key will not become lost or damaged from the moisture that builds up in the soil. Start by placing your spare house key in an old medication bottle and tightly close the lid. You will then want to use super glue to glue a small rock or decoration trinket to the top of the medication bottle lid. Once the glue is dry, you can dig a hole in the soil that is just big enough to hid the bottle, but allow the thing you glued to the lid to stick out of the soil. This will allow you to see where the bottle is hidden and will make it much easier for you to pull out of the soil.

If you want, you can actually hide a few copies of your house key. This way, you should never have trouble remembering where at least one of them are located. Click here for more info about how to keep from getting locked out.