If your car key has broken off inside of your door lock, and you can't remove the key or properly secure your vehicle, here are three different steps that you can take to get the broken key out of your vehicle's door lock.

#1 Pull the Key Out With Some Pliers

The first thing that you need to do is look and asses how the key broke inside of the lock. If part of the key is still sticking out of the door lock, you may be able to pull the snapped key out of the lock. You'll need a pair of needle nose pliers in order to pull the key out. You just need enough grip to grab onto your key.

Once you grab onto the key with your pliers, do not try to turn the key within the lock. Trying to turn the key could result in the metal breaking completely inside of the lock. Instead, use the pliers to pull the key out of the lock. That way, you will not have anything sticking out of the lock and you'll have both parts of the key to take to your locksmith if you only one key.

#2 Use Some Magnet Magic

Another way to get out a stuck key in from your vehicle door lock is with a strong magnet. If a part of the key is sticking out, you may be able to attach a magnet to the key and use the magnet to pull the key out. Just like with the pliers, don't try to turn the key; just use the magnet to give you the leverage you need to pull the key out of the lock.

#3 Use Special Removal Tools

Finally, you can use special removal tools to remove the broken key from your vehicle lock. The tool is flat and narrow and has a small hook on it. It is very thin and is designed to be slide next to the lock and combined with pressure in order get the key out. Lubricant is also often used with this tool as well.

This is a locksmith tool, so if you can't find one or don't want to purchase one, you can call a locksmith like those at The Lock Shop to assist you with getting the key out. It takes some specialty training to effectively use these tools, which why it is better to call in a locksmith at this stage in the process.