Emergency lockout services will rescue you from a situation wherein you are locked out of your house or car. Some people may think that being locked out is an emergency regardless, but actually there are situations that are deemed more of an emergency than others. Here are some of the situations that get a locksmith to you faster because of the nature of the emergency. People encountering these situations will get bumped up on the service call list too.

When You're Locked Out in a Blizzard

Locked out of your house in a blizzard or Arctic temperatures is definitely an emergency. If you are locked out and can call a locksmith, you are at least fortunate enough to have your phone with you when it happens. Although the locksmith will get to you ASAP, you should still find some sort of shelter while you wait for the locksmith. A garage, a shed--anything that you can use to get out of the cold and the blowing snow is a good option. When the locksmith arrives, you will be able to get back into your house in just a few minutes, but look for protection now.

When a Baby or Small Child Is Locked in the Car

When a baby or small child is accidentally locked in a car, he/she cannot get out of the car seat. That puts him/her in a bad position, since he/she cannot help you unlock the door, and he/she will either freeze or suffocate from the sweltering heat in a car. Call a locksmith right away so that your call takes priority over other service calls, you can get a door unlocked, and you can get your baby or toddler out of the car on time.

When Your Home Security System Is Programmed to Call the Police

Home security systems are wonderful things to have, until you lock yourself out of your own home. The most sophisticated systems can tell when someone is attempting to get inside, and will immediately alert the local police. This becomes a problem during a lockout because it counts as a false emergency call to the police, in which case you may be fined. If you are able, and have access to your cell phone or can use a neighbor's phone, first call the police to let them know that you have been locked out of your house. (Then they do not have to respond when your locksmith shows up to open your front door and triggers the alarm.) Next, call a locksmith and explain the situation. He/she will be able to get to you right away and get you in the house, hopefully without triggering the alarm.