Although you can make a lot of money as an Airbnb host, there are many challenges associated with it. One of those is finding ways to securely get keys to and from the people staying at your property. While doing it in person may be a good option, it can quickly become inconvenient if you have responsibilities that limit your availability, don't live near the rental, or manage quite a few properties. However, here are a couple of ways around this problem.

Install Smart Locks

Possibly the best option for key management is to get rid of them altogether by installing a keyless entry system. Instead of a physical key, the renter would enter a code to open the door. The primary benefit of this type of smart lock is you can create codes for the renter and send them to clients via email or text, so you don't have to be on the property to hand off keys. When the person's time is up, you can simply delete the code, preventing people from accessing your home afterwards.

Another benefit to smart locks is they can typically be integrated with home security systems, providing additional tools. For example, some locks will send owners a message every time the code is entered, letting them monitor activity at their houses. Others come with apps that let you remotely lock/unlock the door, which can be useful for when renters forget their codes.

However, it's essential you purchase smart locks with good security ratings. Some locks can be hacked, so you want to make sure the manufacturer has security measures in place (e.g. encryption, software updates) to prevent intrusions. Smart locks also vary in price, but you can get them for as little as $50.

Key Drop Box

If you don't have the cash for a smart lock or prefer to stick with traditional keys, an alternative option is to install a drop box on the property. You can get drop boxes with programmable codes, so all the renter needs to do to access the key is enter the code you send them. Once they're finished with the home, they would simply return the keys to the box, and you can change the code afterwards to prevent further access.

Lockboxes have also received some technological upgrades. Some boxes come with smartphone apps that transmit information to you (e.g. when it's opened) and lets you use your phone to unlock the box when needed. Others have alarms that sound when someone tries to force the box open, which can help protect your property by alerting neighbors.

For more ideas on how to handle key management with your AirBNB rental, contact a commercial locksmith.