Being responsible for the repair and maintenance needs of the entire building, collecting rent, paying utilities, and serving as a liaison between the owner and the tenants, a building manager can have one of the hardest jobs. Check out these four easy things you can do to make the life of a building manager easier.  

Write an FAQ

Any building manager knows that they get asked the same few questions over and over. Write a frequently asked questions page to answer questions like, "what do I do if I need another recycling bin?" You can post the flyer in the lobby, laminate and distribute it to all of the apartments, or post it on the building's website or Facebook page.

Have a Pre-Approved Locksmith

Choose a residential or commercial locksmith that the building has a relationship with and distribute their information to all of the tenants. Now, next time a tenant locks themselves, out they can go directly to the locksmith. You can pick a locksmith from services like Hicks Safes & Locks Inc and create a partnership so you know they can help whenever you need their services. Be sure to post their contact information in the lobby.

Utilize Social Media

If your building doesn't already have a Facebook page, make one. Invite all of the tenants of your building and encourage them to post when they have questions. This way, simple questions can be answered by other members of the building, while solutions can be brainstormed to common problems. You can post information like, "Who is the building's preferred animal trapper?" and set event reminders like "Annual Window Washing." This can also help to develop a sense of community.

Use an Appointment Booking Website

Tenants will likely have an issue at some point, whether it be needing new paint or a having conflict with a neighbor. Rather than letting them stop by your apartment any time, make them register for an appointment with you online. This way they can let you know the issue ahead of time, so you can be more prepared to deal with it. This also allows you to prioritize tenant complaints and better manage your time.  

If you're a building manager or a building owner trying to make your manager's job easier, this list should help you generate some ideas. Social media can be a great way to mobilize the community to help each other, while forming relationships with other professionals like locksmiths will help you share the burden.