There are so many different smart locks available today; it can be difficult for a homeowner to choose their first set of equipment. All of these factors are ones you should consider when building a smart lock system.

The Connection Protocol

There are three different main protocols that allow the locks to communicate with your phone or other device. The first is Bluetooth; as long as your phone is Bluetooth enabled, it can communicate with any locks in range. Z-wave technologies work in much the same way, where the device sends out a signal that your locks can pick up.

But on top of those options, you could also choose a WiFi enabled device. This way, as long as you are connected to the internet, you can check on the status of your locks and lock or unlock doors. When you can afford it, WiFi enabled locks are a great choice, since they offer more convenience. Just make sure your networks are protected, since this also means that any intruder can tinker with locks from any range if they have access to the network.

The Locking Mechanism

If you already have strong deadbolt locks in place but just want a way to control them remotely, look for options that allow you to simply add the smart lock technology onto an existing dead bolt installation. Some locks require you to replace the entire apparatus with a new dead bolt that's compatible with the smart lock equipment, but this is overkill if you already had a good thing going.

Manual Options

Many smart locks still have manual options to go with smart phone operation. In fact, this is recommended. What happens if you lose your phone, or the battery is dead? You will still want the option of operating the lock without your device. Sometimes, that means getting a good old-fashioned key that operates the lock. You could also have a key card that contains a chip that communicates with the lock, if you're still opposed to fishing for your keys in your bag.


If you have other devices that you would like to be able to connect to your smart lock system, make sure they work with the model you choose. This could include smart assistants or other home controls. They all work with a subset of smart lock brands, so ask services likeVenus & Mars Locksmith for advice on which ones will work best with your devices.