You want to make sure you have done everything you can think of with regards to securing your property. Keep in mind that home protection starts outside and then continues inside. Also, you want to make sure all your property is safe, including vehicles, outbuildings, etc. Here is a great guide to protecting your property that you can follow to get started:

  • Have a fence installed – A fence that can be seen through by your neighbors will make it harder for someone to get in while allowing those you know to be able to still keep an eye on your house from their house. You also want to be sure the gates are locked at all times.
  • Keep cars secure and free of valuables – Even when you have your car parked on your own property, make sure it is locked up when you aren't keeping an eye on it and never leave anything of value in it.
  • Keep your yard lit up – When you have your yard well-lit at night a criminal will know that their every move can be seen from neighbors, you if you are looking out a window and anyone going past your house.
  • Keep your trash private – Make sure you use a paper shredder to shred all papers that have your information on them. Also, don't throw boxes for expensive purchases away without ripping them up and hiding them in the trash.
  • Don't leave your garage door cracked – some people like to leave their garage door cracked so their outside cat can get in and out. However, this makes it much easier for someone to break in, so you should consider another option for dealing with your cat.
  • Cut back the foliage – Bushy foliage around walkways, doors and windows can create a nice cover for criminals where they can hide from anyone who may be a threat to their evil plans. This is why you should cut this type of foliage back as much as possible.
  • Have two locks on your outside doors with one being a deadbolt – Each door that leads outside should have two locks. One with a lock and a doorknob and the other being a good quality deadbolt.
  • Have your home's security double checked by a locksmith – Once you feel you have covered as many security bases as possible, you should have a residential and commercial locksmith come out to take a look and spot any weaknesses you may have overlooked. They know all the tricks criminals use and can help you correct weaknesses.