If you use a cleaning crew to get cleaning done in your commercial building, then you could be concerned about how you will provide your crew with proper access to all of the building. These are a few tips that can help you do so.

1. Put in a Master Key System

First of all, if your business does not already have one, then you may want to consider putting in a master key system, such as from Brandy's Safe and Lock Inc. The good thing about a master key system is that you can then give your cleaning crew a key that they can use to access all of the offices, storage areas and more in the building so that they can clean them. If there are areas where you would prefer for the cleaning crew not to work, you can restrict access to these areas. Additionally, you might find that putting in one of these systems will make it possible for you to restrict and offer access to your employees as well. Therefore, you might find that putting in one of these systems will be helpful in more ways than just one.

2. Install Surveillance Cameras

Putting in surveillance cameras can be a good idea when providing access for your cleaning crew. If you are concerned about theft or other issues when your cleaning crew is unsupervised, then putting in cameras can help provide you with peace of mind. Plus, if the crew knows that there are cameras in the building, they might be more likely to focus on getting the job done than if they weren't being monitored. Plus, having these cameras in place can help you prevent issues with other employees as well.

3. Schedule Cleaning During Off-Hours

To help ensure that your cleaning crew can easily access all areas of the building without getting in anyone's way and without having anyone else get in their way, consider scheduling cleaning during the off-hours. Then, the crew can focus on getting their job done with minimal distractions or obstacles getting in their way. Plus, you will not have to worry about your other employees being bothered while they are getting things done during the day.

As you can see, there are a few tips that you will probably want to follow so that you can provide your commercial cleaning crew -- whether you have your own crew that is employed by your company or if you use a commercial cleaning service -- with the best possible access to your building for proper cleaning while also having peace of mind.