The security of your home and family depends on something as simple as your door lock. You can have a high-security impact door that can't be kicked in, but if the door isn't locked or if the lock is weak, then an intruder can slip in easily. You can even have sturdy locks but still have less than optimum security. Having a locksmith change your locks or rekey them could make your home safer and give you peace of mind. Here's why your current door lock might not be safe.

Old Locks Can Be Opened With A Bump Key

At one time, bump keys were used by locksmiths to get a door open when you accidentally locked yourself out. Now, anyone can order a bump key off the internet and help themselves to your home if you have the right kind of door lock. Your lock might be vulnerable if it's old or if you bought a new one that didn't provide protection against bump keys. If you're not sure, contact locksmith services and have a professional take a look. The lock can be changed if necessary, but rekeying it might solve the problem. Either way, there is protection against intruders using a bump key, so upgrading your locks will keep your home safer.

Other People Could Have A Key

While it might be a little inconvenient to have your locks changed, it might be wise if other people have a key to your house. Think about all the times you've loaned a key to someone. It might be an old roommate, a house guest, cleaning service, or a contractor. Even your kids may have loaned or lost a key, which means someone you don't know might have a copy of your house key. Even if your keys were returned, the person you loaned it to or someone they know could have made a copy.

It's frightening to think that someone could have a copy of your key and get inside your house when you're away. If you've had the same lock for years and loaned out your key before, then it could be wise to have the locks changed. Consider having a smart lock put in so you can open the lock remotely from a smartphone and eliminate the need to loan out your house key.

You Lock May Fail If It's Sticking

If your lock is damaged, rusted, or sticky and doesn't always work like it's supposed to, then you should call a locksmith to repair the lock before it gets stuck in the locked position or stuck open and you can't lock the door. Door locks sometimes fail unexpectedly, but you might have some notice that something is wrong when the door is difficult to lock or unlock. If the lock get stuck, then you or your kids could be locked out of the house. If the door won't lock again, you would have to barricade the door to secure it until a locksmith fixes the problem. Either issue poses a security risk for your family, so be sure to get a lock repaired when it shows signs of malfunctioning.