As a daycare provider, it is always your job to keep everything safe. You need to make sure you carefully regulate who has access to the children under your care. That is why an access control system for your main entryway can be a great safety feature for your childcare business.

#1 Provides History Records

An access control system allows you to see who has entered and exited your child care facility. You can keep track of employee's movements and go and when parent's drop-off and pick-up children by looking at the records. This can allow you to double check when a child was dropped off or picked up. An access control system adds another layer of security to your drop off and pick-up process. A control system can also allow you to see if employees clocked into work on-time or came back from their breaks on time. As ratios are so important in the childcare setting, having a greater deal of control over an employee's coming and going can be important.

#2 Increase the Security of Your Daycare

An access control system makes it very difficult for someone to enter the daycare who is not supposed to. This is very important in the daycare setting and can help you protect the children in your care. With an access control system, if someone doesn't have a key card or number to enter, they would have to buzz to gain access to the building, which allows an employee to check and make sure that person has a reason to be inside of your building in the first place.

#3 Easy to Deny Access

An access control system also makes it easy for you to deny access. If an employee quits or is fired, you can revoke their access to the building immediately. If a parent is ordered by the courts to stay away from their child, you can quickly revoke their access. Changes to access can generally be made immediately, which is yet another security benefit of an access control system.

#4 Overall Security Integration

Your access control system doesn't have to act on its own. It can be set-up to integrate with other security features. For example, you can integrate a camera system with the access control system, recording who is coming and going to ensure people are not sharing their access. Or you can integrate the control system with an intercom system to grant access to acceptable visitors.

As a day care provider, an access control system can help increase the overall security of your facility by limiting access to those who have a right or a reason to enter your building. Contact a locksmith service for more help.