The goal of a gun safe is to have a safe location in your home to store your gun while still being able to access it when necessary. If your gun only exists for the purpose of hunting, you may not have to worry as much about accessibility. However, if you intend to use your gun for self-defense, and you're concerned about a home invasion, you'll want to roll out of bed and be able to access your safe easily.

Securing Your Valuables

A gun safe is not only useful for storing your guns but many gun safes are also used to store valuables and personal documents. Therefore, if there is a location in your home that would be difficult for an intruder to access, this would be an ideal spot for a gun safe.

You must not only worry about intruders but also fires. Some safes are fireproof but you will still want to place it far away from a kitchen since kitchens are the greatest fire hazards. The fire safe is also at risk if placed underneath a kitchen. 

The Bedroom or the Living Room

One of the most common places for a gun safe is in the bedroom. That way, if you have a home invasion, you can quickly grab the gun out of the safe and you'll always know where the gun safe is at all times. However, some homeowners feel uncomfortable placing the safe in this location.

The living room is the second most common location if it is away from the kitchen. Do not place it in the drawing-room or near the balcony. 

The Basement

If your gun safe is very heavy, there are upsides and downsides to placing it in the basement. You will have a difficult time moving it there. However, an intruder will have a much more difficult time removing and carrying the safe up the stairs. 

One of the problems with a basement is that it is typically damper. However, this problem can be solved by using a gun safe dehumidifier. However, homes that have water problems should not place their gun safes in the basement.

Gun Safes are Very Secure

Regardless of what location you choose, a gun safe is a very secure option for securing your gun and other valuables. As long as you think about your unique needs, you'll have an easier time finding the right location for your new gun safe.

For further help with where to place a gun safe, reach out to a company like Security Centers - Guns of America.