Your doors are the most vulnerable spots that burglars may use when they want to invade your business and steal your assets. Therefore, as a business owner, ensure that every component of your commercial door is functioning optimally to decrease the risk of burglary or intrusions. For instance, it is advisable to install high-quality locks and other security systems in your business. Also, you need to ensure that your door's lock is not malfunctioning to avoid exposing your business to thieves. When you realize that your locks might be malfunctioning, contact commercial locksmith services immediately for professional help. 

This article explains the common door lock problems that need the attention of a commercial lock repair expert.

A Key Gets Stuck in the Lock

A key may get stuck in your lock when trying to open or close your business's door. This problem may happen when you insert the wrong key in your lock. Also, your key may get stuck in the lock if your lock system or key is new. When this problem occurs, you may try to remove the key by spraying a lubricant in the keyhole. If this method doesn't work, it is advisable to contact a commercial lock repair specialist for professional assistance.  

The Entire Lock Cylinder Is Turning

When you insert a key in the lock cylinder, your door should unlock or lock smoothly. Nevertheless, you might be having a severe door lock problem if you insert your key in the keyhole and the entire door lock cylinder turns as you try to lock or unlock the door. This problem may be a result of loose screws or a damaged lock mechanism. As a business owner, it is imperative to hire a commercial locksmith immediately when you notice this problem to rectify the faulty lock mechanism and protect your business from potential intrusions.  

Your Key Breaks In the Lock

Another devastating door lock problem that you may experience as a business owner is a key breaking inside your lock. It is an annoying problem that can get you stranded outside your business for hours. Removing the broken key parts will not solve the problem. A commercial lock repair specialist will examine your lock to establish and rectify the cause of this problem, which will prevent further damages to your lock or a recurrence of the problem. 

If you experience any of the above door lock problems in your company, you should hire a certified commercial lock repair expert to assist you. The professional will examine your lock, clean it, and fix the underlying problems, which will make your business more secure.