Your house will probably have multiple doors and each exterior door needs to have a lock so an intruder cannot gain unauthorized access to your home. You have the option of having a separate lock for each type of door or having all of the locks keyed alike. If you are considering hiring locksmiths to install locks on your door, it's important to consider the upsides and downsides of each decision.

The Convenience of Keying All Your Locks the Same

You might choose to have all your locks keyed alike for convenience. Then, with a single key, you will be able to unlock any exterior door to your house. When you have multiple keys, you will need to carry them on a keychain. If some of the keys look similar, you might need to label them so you don't get them confused. In an emergency, you might struggle to find out which key is the correct one for a specific lock.

Why You Can't Always Key Your Locks the Same

Some locks come from different brands and it is simply impossible for your locksmith to key them all the same. However, even if you are able to reduce the number of keys that you have, this can be very convenient. 

Why You Might Decide Against Keying Your Locks the Same

Depending on how your house is designed, you might be able to restrict access to different areas of your home. You might have a key for a gate and a separate key for your front door. you might have a key to a shed and another key to the door between the garage and your house. 

Restricting access can be useful when hiring someone to provide a service on your property. For example, if you hire a pool cleaner, you may give them a key that only provides them with access to the pool but not the inside of the house. You may also want a lock that is meant to keep your children out of a shed that contains dangerous tools.

Make Sure Each Lock is Well-Maintained

If there is a lock that you often don't use, it might become neglected. However, locks that are neglected and become defective might be unable to keep intruders out. Therefore, you will always want to hire a locksmith such as A Devine Lock and Key to install the best possible locks on your doors so your family can be safe.