If you lose the keys to your vehicle, getting a car key replacement made can be challenging but not impossible. Older cars and trucks often use a standard key that is easily replicated by a locksmith. However, with newer vehicles, the keys may be more complicated and have a microchip that needs programming to prevent vehicle theft. An automotive locksmith service is often the best way to ensure the new vehicle key works correctly. However, the price for a car key replacement in an emergency may be costly. 

Replacement Keys

Dealing with missing or damaged car keys often requires a locksmith who can make a new key for you. Vehicle key replacement is not simply a matter of purchasing a new key because each one is different. An experienced locksmith can decode the lock cylinder and use the information to cut a new key that will work in your ignition. 

There are also some dealers that can order a new key for you from the manufacturer based on your VIN (vehicle identification number). However, older cars may not have that option, so this is often the last resort, and it can take some time for the manufacturer to process the request.

In a pinch, you can replace the ignition cylinder in the car with a new one, and it will come with keys, but it may not be an option on vehicles with chipped keys or proximity switches in cars with push-button starters.

Locksmith Services

A mobile automotive locksmith can often respond to you in an emergency and make a key for your car to get you back on the road. The vehicle key replacement service may cost more than you think, but if you are in a situation where you can not get a key any other way, it is often the best choice. 

If your car uses a chipped key, it is essential to ask the locksmith if they offer to program the key when making a new one. If the key is cut but not programmed, it may unlock the ignition, but the computer in the vehicle will not recognize the chip. The car's computer will not signal the fuel pump and the ignition system to turn on, so the engine will not start.

Once the locksmith programs the computer, the key should work, but the process must be done correctly, and these keys can be expensive. Some locksmiths charge hundreds of dollars for this service, so it is a good idea to ask what the cost will be when you call the locksmith for service.